Music Recording

They don’t call us Rancho Mirage Music People for Nothing…

It never fails…Every time someone walks into our studio for the first time they say, “WOW! It just feels so comfortable in here”.

We built our studio with the artist in mind. We wanted to create a special space where our guests can feel especially comfortable in an atmosphere where we can help them capture their very best performance, so that they know that they have come to the right place to record their project.

We have three beautiful, acoustically tuned rooms in our studio, one of which houses our exquisite Yamaha C-7, 7’6” Conservatory Grand Piano. Several of our studio guests have remarked that we have the finest piano they have ever played! We’re also excited to house a Hammond B3 organ with Leslie speakers to accommodate the special niche which only it provides. We have accommodated a plethora of music… from opera, to jazz, to classical, to gospel to R&B…WE ROCK! Check out our, Video Gallery/Samples page to listen to some of the wonderful sounds emanating from our desert oasis recording studio at Rancho Mirage Music People.